Lordi is a heavy metal band from Finland. The band is part of the show is as big as the music type of performer. They create an elaborate show with an image to match. The band is a cross between KISS and GWAR. The group is led by Mr. Lordi who is the creator of the bands image. Mr. Lordi - (Tom Putaansuu) has always been a big KISS, Twisted Sister and Alice Cooper fan and put his own spin on the idea. The band hit a great stride when it was awarded big honors at MTV Europe music awards. The group would performer their big hit Hard Rock Hallelujah and the video would go viral on YouTube. Lordi was feature on Oz Fest and even received a performance on the old Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The group has released 4 albums and have a 5th coming out in 2010. The music of the group doesn't actually match their look. GWAR has a dark death like sound and KISS has a rock sex sound. Lordi has more of a horror house type theme to their songs. The group also mixes a lot of comical lyrics into their monster themed songs. For anyone looking for a good theatrical metal band you should check out Lordi.

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AuthorTodd Modgling
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