Original Release Date: January 1, 2010

Label: RCA Records Label

Copyright: (P) 2009 RCA/Jive Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Genres: Pop/General

Ke$ha's first album "Animal" has taken off like a rocket with her hit single "Tik Tok". She has a good voice and the album sounds like a Lady GaGa part 2. Now this doesn't take away from the album in any way. She does make the album sound very different and unique. The album flow leaves a little to be desired for a pop album. There is a vast difference between the first half of the album and the second.

Listening to the album it has a wide range of songs and how they make you feel. Stephan shows what her vocals could possible be all rapped up in a stalker-ish song. She does make the album fun and interesting but for now it's a pretty good pop album.

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AuthorTodd Modgling