Original Release Date: November 20, 2009

Label: RCA Records Label

Copyright: (P) 2009 19 Recordings Ltd. under exclusive license to RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Genres: Pop/General

The Adam Lambert album is a very different but interesting album. It has a wide range of musical styles. It has the normal American Idol pop songs but it also has very different sound on others. He does have a broadway esk sound to a few of the song but it doe not take away from the bigger picture of the album. The album ranges from greatly controlled ballads to mild rock songs. The album lay out leaves something to be desired. If you listen to the album beginning to end you will feel a little out of whack. If you actually let you Mp3 player shuffle it it comes out much better.

Will the album stand the test of time as a classic to go back to and listen over and over? It truly depends a lot on his Sophomore album and how he handles the fame of being an American Idol. Adam Lambert was the runner up for American Idol season 8 and has made a big name for himself. He has great star power and has the ability to be one of the biggest of the male American Idols.

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AuthorTodd Modgling