I've been working on my masters for about 2 to 3 years now. It's a online and part time so this is the reason for it taking a while. Last year I took a new job and found myself struggling to keep up with both. So I took a semester off and got back in in the summer. Now that I'm nearing the end of the degree I'm finding the stress of it to be overwhelming. I know that I will be better off with the degree and will fight to the end. Just wondering how other people deal with the stress of school and life. The worst part about this I feel my family has suffered for my drive to obtain this second degree. What is more beneficial obtaining the degree so to better support your family or to support your family by being there for them all the time? All this being said I haven't even finished this degree and I'm already thinking of the next degree.


Dr. Modgling? 

AuthorTodd Modgling