20120320-080514.jpg I understand that this is all over the web but I wanted to give my idea. What should Apple do with some of its cash reserve? The media is saying buy Foxconn, buy Twitter, buy RIM (Black Berry) or start a hugh Apple charity. Some of those are amazing ideas and some aren't. My thought isn't small but it's simple in its purpose and concept. Apple move production to America. Now hear me out...I don't mean everything but start small and see what happens. Move production of the white colored extras that every Apple product needs. Apple headphone, dock cables, iPhone/iPad dock and any small connector that Apple uses. Build the factory in Wyoming, North/South Dakota or any state for that matter. What state wouldn't offer benefits or tax breaks to Apple for building and creating jobs in their state. The average American consumer would gladly pay $0.50 per item if they knew it was made here. The bottom line is that it would be a great move for everyone involved.

So tell me what you think about my idea.

AuthorTodd Modgling
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