Today was that day that I didn't think would come. My daughter woke up in a really bad mood and we couldn't figure out why. My wife said I think she's missing being the baby. I didn't think she was right until a few minutes ago. I was trying to get her calmed down so I picked her up. Picking her is not out the ordinary but today she wanted to be held like a little baby. I got her claimed down for a few but then she started getting upset again. I have to admit I did make this worse by feeding into it by swaddling her like a baby. Then I stuck her in the baby boys crib to play along but that was a terrible idea. I hate that she thinks she's not my baby anymore but only time will help. I know it's not that big of a deal but I love my kids so much and never want to break their hearts. I'm just like every dad or as every dad should be...Daddy's Little Girl. Would be fathers and mothers be aware of this moment in life.

If this blog stays around for her to readĀ  later in lifeĀ  I Love You Baby Girl!

AuthorTodd Modgling
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