I was very late to the advertising for this game but a friend said I should check it out. I have been playing first person shooters for a while now mostly the Call of Duty series. I wanted to branch away from those guys and check out something new. I found myself drawn to the storyline of this game. Just the idea and premise behind the game makes it very cool. It does help that one of the inspirations for the game is the movie Red Dawn..."WOLVERINES"...sorry had to do it. I did hear today that the remake of Red Dawn (bad idea) will replace the Cubans with Koreans to follow this game's story line. Here is what I'm thinking about the game.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode has a great story line but is very slow. No options to skip dialog when restarting a section. You have to sit and listen to everything again. While the first few times where cool it gets old. The should have added a skip feature to this section. I understand why they didn't because they want the story front and center but it's a video game. Make a movie if you'd like the story and then make a game from the movie. When you play from top to bottom it's very hard to maintain bullets for very long. The number of clips compared to the number of enemies is very out weighted. It is some times hard to find a good place to hide or safe cover area. The talking characters get all the good places where they won't get killed and you are left out in the cold. Game play is good and motor skills for the character work well. They do give you a little help with auto aim sometimes. I like this feature for a new person wanting to get into first person shooter.

Online Play

The online play when it connects is pretty good and so far not a lot of lag. When you create a game that is built on the idea of online play and multiplayer you should plan way over on your servers. Even after being online for 10 hours when I started playing it was tough to get into a room. I tried again this morning and it has gotten better but still needs why more push. The one thing that I have sent messages to the creators about is system crashes. I have all 3 systems and decided the pick Homefront on the PS3. I put the disc in, download the add-ons, I then enter my one time code for online play and I'm ready to start. I try 2 times to get in to a lobby and finally I'm in...I play one game and decided to look at my armory. I say "leave match" and it starts to back out......loading.....loading.....loading....and it sits there for 10 minutes. I hit the PS3 button to try to quit the game....nothing. It won't respond to anything I try so I pull the disc. I then have a fatal system crash. My PS3 does a hard reboot and then comes back up saying I had a system crash. I had this happen 4 more times and the friend I was playing with had it happen 2 times. It's like it wouldn't let go of the game's server and was stuck in a loop. I think this will be a problem for most gamers if they don't fix it with in the next few days. I'm sure they are working hard but if you are going to push a game this hard you better have servers ready.

All in all I think the game is ok but not sure if it's going to become a franchise style game like Call of Duty, Halo or Battle Field. If you are not a hardcore first person shooter I would rent the game first. The trade in value drops so much once the game is opened and no one wants to lose money. If you like or dislike my post feel free to make a comments.

AuthorTodd Modgling