Now some of you may have already heard me talk about this but it's a good system for new fathers. When I had my first child I was working two jobs so my wife could stay home. That means seven days a week until there was a holiday or I just couldn't make it anymore. It worked great for about three weeks. I slept like normal all thru the night and didn't think anything of it. Even if you work two jobs to keep the family a float you have to help with the baby. Now I was not a fan of this at first but it became interesting. It's really great if you're a gamer or movie buff. I would come home from work and we'd have an early dinner. My wife would then go to bed. Now this is around 5:30pm or 6:00pm that she'd go to sleep. I would then give the baby a bath and a bottle to get her to sleep. The baby would lay on my chest while I played Call of Duty - World at War. I would stay up until about midnight or 1:00am so she could get a few good hours of sleep. I'd feed the baby one more time and go to bed. That's when the shift change was in and I was out. Really out not to wake up again until it was time for work. Just so you know please don't do this every night. You will eventually go crazy. I would do this once every other night or when she needed it. Here I am again with another new baby and it's a little rougher on the body this time. My game this time is Call of Duty - Black Ops. My wife says that both of the kids will have PTSD later in life because of these games. I'm just writing this for maybe a new father that doesn't have a good balance yet. This might not work for everyone but it's great for me.

AuthorTodd Modgling