So I got fined $25 from my apartment for not picking up my dog's poop. I hate the very idea of this rule. Think about what goes into this process.

Pick It Up

I use a small bag to pick it up which might or might not be bio degradable. I then put that a bucket lined with another bag which is almost certainly not bio degradable. Both of these bags are created in a factory which burns a ton of fuel. Then have someone drive around and pick the bags up. (another waste of resources) They put the poop in a normal trash can that gets picked up and taken to a landfill using another truck to do the same thing. SIT THERE TILL IT GOES AWAY!


Don't Pick Up

If I leave it it gets used by nature with in a few days. It could be from flies or other bugs. It could go into the ground which helps the grass grow.

One way or the other this is the silliest rule and I shouldn't have to pay.

AuthorTodd Modgling
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