Well today is baby day or that's what I've been calling it. It's the day my son is set to be born. Strange thought as I type this is I wished I had written one of these for my daughter also but maybe later. So today is the day I become a father to a son which is way different than a father to a daughter. (opinion) When I found out we were having a girl I was like "I got this" but for a son it feels different. I keep asking myself what kind of man do I want him to become. Do I want him to be like me or different. Every father wants their child to do better than they did or are doing. Now this is a crazy thought but I think am I man enough for being a father to a son. Here's why I make that statement. I've always been into the arts...(band) and we think different. Now did I play sports and do I like sports...yes but I'm not a gritty man type. I've worked construction and factory jobs but have a soft side. I can get out and work on my vehicles in the heat and cold but I'd rather pay someone to do it. I guess these are the weird questions a father has to ask himself when having a boy. If a women reads this they would just think I'm crazy but guys I think understand. One day in the future when he's older the cub will challenge the big bear and will I know how to handle it. Will I go with my busted knuckles on an engine block hands or my baton holding soft conductor hands. I don't question if I'm going to be a good father just if I'm going to be a great one. My friend Kelsey has been pulling me back intothe world of baseball. I haven't been a big fan in years but with a boy on the way I feel I should. I even got my old glove out the other day to get a feel for it. All in all I guess it will happen how the universe wants it to. I will just continue to work hard and teach him to work hard.

AuthorTodd Modgling