I'm now on my Christmas break from teaching and started thinking about free time. Now this isn't me complaining just playing things out in my head. The first thing that comes to mind when I have free time is hanging with my family. The next thing is being able to play video games. Next on the list is getting out of the house...there in lays the problem. If I live the house I will spend money. Money I don't have and that's not good. I would love more free time but who knows what bad things can happen with it. I guess that's why it's a really nice thing I don't have any. I get two days off and then on to the second job and wow was I scheduled. I received every day next week. I assumed I was going to get one day off but silly me. The best way for me to look at this is that I won't spend money and more money will come in. I do wish I had more relaxing time but one day it will happen.

AuthorTodd Modgling