I've been putting off and thinking it over but the other day I finally did it. I purchased a subscription to Pandora Radio or also know as Pandora One. I figured I didn't have much to lose since it was only $36 for the year. Yes that is $36 but for what I can't get it seems worth it. For those that don't know Pandora is Internet radio...actually one of the best. I know some will disagree but it's just a fact. Pandora is almost every major OS be it mobile or desktop. The first thing I've noticed is the mix is better. You get a deep mix of artists that are part of each grouping. I've listened to free Pandora for hours on end and it will loop after a while. I haven't found that on Pandora One with a great non stop rotation. I know people say the ads and limited skips don't bother them on Pandora but they a little annoying. Pandora One is ad free and more skips available if you choose. For web based people one thing to check out is the desktop application. I thought "I don't see the point" but I was way wrong. I've installed it on 2 computers and it makes usage just that much easier. Just open it up and it's already logged in and ready to go. It picks up from where you last logged off and the audio quality is great. I purchased this for myself but it would be a great groups purchase for a work place or even a family. I'll get my money's worth and I think you will too.

AuthorTodd Modgling
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