I've been toying with the idea of turning off my cable. I'm just turning off cable not my Internet. I'm past the generation that needs a home phone bur not past wanting to have cable. I did it for a year in college but that's a little different because I was really never home. Now I like to come home and watch my DVR but I'm really tired of paying all that money. I have noticed that my reading has gone down and I personally don't feel I spend enough time with my daughter. I'm looking at 3 positives here 1. Read More 2. More Family Time 3. Save Money

Here is my down fall when it comes to this. I like it to relax my mind from stressful days. It's nice to not think about anything and just veg. I do have other things to watch like Netflix and if I ever get an invite Hulu plus, but it doesn't feel the same. I think I just need to pull the plug fast and then just deal with it as it comes.

Anyone have any good ideas on what I should do?

AuthorTodd Modgling