I just finished week 1 of my band camp and it went pretty good. If you didn't already know from reading past post...I'm a band director that some times reviews random things. I use the blog to just get random ideas out of my head so I stop thinking about them. Band camp week 1 went good. I can't say that I got as far as I wanted, but the kids did really well. I went into this season worried because I kept losing a new kid every day. It's not so bad if you're at a big school but small schools it can kill you. We got 2 of the 3 show songs done and the kids move pretty well. I was really hoping to be finished with all 3 by today. Today's practice ended pretty crazy because of uniform fitting. Silly me thought it would take and hour....try 3. We got them all in uniforms and I know how many shoes I need to order.

The one thing I took off my plate this year was writing drill. I am paying someone to do it for me. The great thing about that is I get so much else done in that time. I think I have all my paperwork for the whole year done. Let's just see how next week goes and I'll be a happy camper.

AuthorTodd Modgling