I've posted some things in the past about debt and how I'm not handling it very well. I know that most of America is in this boat but some days I feel alone. I will attempt to blog track what I'm doing and if it's working. I'm open to any help or suggestion and would love feedback.

I started today by creating a shopping list. I only put things on the list to build 3 solid meals. I first started out at The Dollar Tree to see if I could find anythings on the list. I had some good success with little things like noodles and snack items for the baby. One thing I noticed at the store was name brand cleaning supplies. So the next time I need them I know not to go to Walmart or anywhere else. I then went to Walmart to pick up the rest and double checked the pricing. When I walked in I had a path laid out for each item. I walked out with only one thing that wasn't on my list. I guess that's not bad for day one. Just FYI the extra item only cost $2.88.

Please let me know anything you've tried to get out of debt.

AuthorTodd Modgling