I started mid-week on my digging out of debt blog so I'll sum up how the rest of the week went. I've already talked about what I did the first day to track my spending. I know this blog is probably useless to most but I know it will help me keep and eye on what I'm doing. Please let me know if there is anything I should try or change.


I woke up with this project in mind and made a plan for the day. I set my alarm the night before to get up early. My plan for getting up early is to get a good breakfast at the house. I also had enough time to fix myself lunch for the day. I have a bad habit of farting around just long enough that I have to take the toll to work. I left my house in plenty of time to take the regular roads to work. All in all the only money I will spend today is gas back and forth to work.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday should have been my hardest days to save money or just not spend it. I was off work and that's usually when I spend the most. I did have some slip ups but they weren't large ones. Saturday I made it most of the day before I got out and picked up ice cream and brownie mix from the store. Now I did go to the store and not just an ice cream shop... I know that doesn't make a difference but it made me feel better. So on Saturday I did spend 9.37 that I could have saved. The sweets factor is something I'm going to have to watch. My wife and I really like our sweets and it hurts the saving efforts. Sunday was about the same because I just forced my self to think about what I truly needed for that day. It was the 4th of July so we picked up some chips and ice from Wal-Mart to contribute to the family gathering. The food and ice cost a total of 17.86 on Sunday. I really hate typing that because I think about the fact it's all junk food.

I'm not going to quantify how much each trip cost until I get a grip on everything else. Total for the weekend not including gas is 27.23. Now lets see how I do watching the money over a weeks time.

If you have any suggestion or ideas please leave me a comment.

AuthorTodd Modgling