I think a lot of people talk about networking but do people fully understand what it can do? I was one of those people that new it but didn't use it...until today. I have a little over 400 contacts in my phone but only use 20. In fact the other day I started deleting contacts. Today I really used those contacts to get information for someone I've never spoken too. Now the information I needed was not life or death but it was important. The person I was trying to speak to was in the same town and was probably 3 blocks of me. I first started with a text to a friend in Arizona. Didn't get a reply so I called Arizon but still no answer. I then texted a friend in Houston with no luck. I then called a friend in Austin who I was sure had the number. Austin didn't answer so I called Houston and left a voice mail. At this point your saying "your network sucks" but it was just a slow starter. I got a call back from Austin who turns out is on vacation in Europe. Austin/Europe had some information but not what I needed so he sent an email to the contact. I figured it would be a few minutes before I heard anything but Houston called back. He had the number and got it to me. I'm so happy that meeting new people and trying to keep all their contact info stright payed off. I got the information I needed and learned a lesson about networking. I know there's different types of networking but this blog is a word to the wise. Keep All Contacts!

Now get out there and Network, Create new contacts and get things done.

AuthorTodd Modgling
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