Being from Texas I'm already full of myself with state pride. It's just something in the water and the land. You just can't help but be proud of a state that is bigger than some countries. I saw a sign once on high 45 that said King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island. That was just on a giant billboard for no reason what so ever. My blog is about when people in Texas road trip do they do it better than any one else? If you're someone who was born and raised in Texas long road trips are nothing. You probably went camping in the summer or headed down to the coast for vacation. So you start at a young age and as you get old. It's nothing to drive 2 hours just for your favorite restaurant. When I was old enough to start going "out" I would some times pick my friends up and we'd drive to Dallas. We'd drive from the other side of Austin to Dallas to go out. So round trip you're looking at 8 hours for some fun. Some people may say that's silly but I think of the memories that were created. The trips only got longer as I went to college and now it's about the same. I just wonder if people in other states have that kind of dedication to road trips. I know it's not a contest but it was something I was thinking about and found interesting.

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