I've been trying for a while to figure out what makes a good blog. Is in content or is it how it's presented? Do you need to have a crazy interesting life to truly have a successful blog. Should it be just for therapy or something more? I've had this site up for a while for myself and then another site that reviews music. I started this site because I'm truly interested in blogging but my grammar sucks. Do I want to do it as a career? No, but to have some success would be nice. One thing about my site is that you can see all my mistakes. If you speak with me it's nothing like what you're reading. My hands just don't keep up with what my brain wants to get out. Why I'm writing this post is because I don't want it to turn in to a vent session. I know that that's what it should be for at times. I just don't want the site to become a complete piss-fest and no one ever reads. If any of my friends read the site...I would just like to say thank you and hope it doesn't bring you down when I vent. I've had a few good post lately and then a great one coming up. The post coming up is about things in education so it will only help some people. As I type that post if it helps just one person then it was worth all the time. Now that I'm about to post this I have just thought of another great post that I really want to write but I really need sleep.

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