So I'm going to ramble about this for a sec. The University of Phoenix clams it is one of the leading online university. I'm finding out that they aren't exactly up to date on things. The first thing they should have done was moved to a functional for mobile browsing. What is it something like 80 to 85 percent of Internet is viewed from a mobile browser. The second thing is when saving a word document for a teacher to view you are required to save it in MS Word 2003. That might be ok if we weren't almost to a new version of office. So now you are looking at being 2 versions behind what's new and current. Here is one of my last points and it may seem silly but should be addressed is they don't have an app. They don't have an app for any mobile phone at all. I'm not just playing favorites because of the iPhone but you really need to get with the times. Students who go to The University of Phoenix go because they're busy with life and need a university that keeps up with them. To do that you have to be mobile and a mother/father who works 2 jobs and has kids wants that. They can be sitting in line waiting to pick up their kid from school and get an assignment down while waiting. Why would you not have these options for you main focus group? I know it may seem silly but these are the things that organization like these need to think about.

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