Right now I'm riding a bus to my bands UIL concert contest and I'm freaking out. I just talked about it but it's not taking the stress away. I guess this is my next step to let go of the stress. I have performed in many different place for many different types and sizes of crowds but I'm freaking out about this? I have no idea why because I didn't last year or the year before that but something feels different. I can't tell if it's that we are that edge of failing really bad or doing great. I just want this for these kids and can't keep my mind focused.

It's been building since Monday and now here we are about to do great or really bad. I don't know why I feel the need to blog about this but I guess it's partly what it's for. I guess I just need to breath deep and know that it will be what it will be. Maybe I should think about the fact that next week is spring break and I plan to do nothing. I mean nothing...I'll be lucky if I leave the house.

AuthorTodd Modgling