MobileMe is a product offered from Apple Inc. MobileMe provides for the paid subscriber an email address, contact, calendar, online photo gallery and 20 gigs of online hard drive space. The idea behind MobileMe is to connect all of you device to one place. You add contacts to your home computer or your iPhone/iPod touch and then sync your home and work computer with your iPhone/iPod touch. Connecting them allows all devices to show the same thing at any given time. The 20 gigs of online hard drive space also have different folders for different things. It has a public folder for anyone and everyone to view. It also has a share feature that allows you to put a time limit or password on the file.

Just the contact sync is the thing I use the most when moving from computer to computer. When I add a new contact to my phone it's automatically sync's it to the cloud and my home computer. The calendar works the same way when adding events on the web from work. I'm always in sync with the 10,000 places I need to be at any given minute. I really enjoy my MobileMe for these features and think you will too.

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AuthorTodd Modgling