GDrive is a rumored online hard drive space offered from Google. The big buzz behind Gdrive is it's rumored to be unlimited hard drive space tied to your Gmail account. Google has started down this path with Google Doc's. Google doc's is tied to your Gmail account and allows you to store, edit and even create word documents. Google doc's eliminates the need to carry around a flash/jump drive. Google doc's just recently added a feature called "Folders." "Folders" allows you to upload other types of files such as pictures, music and small videos. The folders feature in Google docs is limited to 1028MB of space which if I'm correct is about 1 gig worth of space.

GDrive will be a great benefit if and when it goes online. GDrive would have much more storage space than a gig as in Google Docs. Unlimited storage is highly unlikely but with Google you never really know. Google will probably stay on pair with the other 2 when it comes to storage space. Twenty or Thirty Gigs would probably be the most given to any one account. The wonderful thing about Google is you can have as many accounts as you would like for free.

AuthorTodd Modgling