I really dig this idea of cloud storage and what it can do. I've had MobileMe for about 3 years now and have loved my storage space. I love the public folder for transferring large files with friends. I just can't decide what is the best one out there. I pay a yearly fee for my MobileMe but now I'm hearing the rumors about GDrive from Google. No one knows when or if even it's going on-line. The idea behind is it's tied in with your Gmail account and its unlimited storage. I'm a big Apple/Google fan and really dig what they both have to offer. I'm also cheap and like things for free. (Google)

I was also turned on to Skydrive from Microsoft or MSN, Live, Hotmail accounts. I have played with Skydrive and it seems to work pretty well. It handles large files pretty well but you are limited to 50mb per file. I would ideally like to see what Google can do with cloud storage. The issue with Google's GDrive is we won't know anything about it until it goes live. The main selling point on all is they have other features tied in with them. You can use them with a new or current email address and file sharing is an option.

Some people love the idea of online storage or off site storage and then others hate the idea of not having their content on a personal drive. I think each have their own benefits for backing up your files.

Apple's MobileMe

20 gigs of online hard drive space

Google's GDrive

Unlimited storage tied in with your Gmail account. (rumor)


25 gigs of storage tied in with your MSN, Hotmail, Live account

I will be blogging about each of these individually later. I know there are other wonderful cloud programs out there and I would like to hear about them. Please feel free to leave me a comment on what I should check out.

AuthorTodd Modgling