Who do you think gets farther in life aggressive people or people who just go with the flow. With aggressive people they just force themselves in the spot light and make what they want. With passive people they just follow the herd and eventually get to the top. I just see different people come in all the time and wonder how they got to where they got. Aggressive people come and just demand what they want you usually give it to them just so they'll stop talking. Passive people come in and ask for your help and you want to go out of your way to make it happen. I'm an aggressive person but I don't like to bitch at people. I have found that if I go to a restaurant and something goes wrong I'll just ask if anything could be done. I don't fight with them about it and most of the time they comp the meal or take something off. This also ties back to one of my previous blogs about money. I want to know which one will make more money. I don't know if money is worth the price of being hatted.

What would you say is the best avenue?

AuthorTodd Modgling