Now some people might read this blog and think I meant to say Noon to Noon and that is not true. The title is correct and it's not about twilight or anything like that. I was thinking about this this morning and wanted to ask.

When do you think we are going to come out of the recession?

Here is the reason I ask...I work two jobs and some times those jobs are back to back. Today is a great example of one of those days. I leave my house very early and the moon is still out. I will teach all day and then head to the fruit stand for a 4 hour shift. When I leave the store the moon will be back and just like I left it. I'm writing this not to bitch just to figure things out.

I work two jobs to provide for my family. I work jobs that are really great although stressful at times. I just wonder how my parents made it making less than what I do now. I wonder when it will be O.K. to have only one job to provide for the whole. I'm a hard work and will always work for what I want but some times people just need to catch a break.

I just keep thinking..."if I keep my head down and just keep pushing that one day I'll catch back up".

I hope this did not come off like I want something for free or just wanted to bitch...but it does help to put this out there and get it out of my head.

AuthorTodd Modgling