A year or two ago we were paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. Now we are sitting at the $2.50 mark at most stations. How is it that 4 years ago the cost of gas was $1.50 and it's not back down to that same number. Is it because we aren't looking at it that way anymore because of the $4.00 a gallon. Did we get jaded by that price point that anything less than that is amazing. I would like to see the same amount of press that we had on the oil/gas companies when it was that high now. I think it would make people look at it differently. I think we would question if they are still gouging us for more money. The cost of gas to produce hasn't changed in years when it comes to how its made. I understand there are new regulations on gas quality, but with a cash reserve from those companies can take it on themselves to do research.

I would like to see the hype again about gas prices and the responsibility of the consumer to force them to bring it down. It's that old saying "back in my day" and now I'm saying it but not really in an old man's voice. I'm just pointing out what everyone can see and seems to be fine with.

Give things time and you will see what people can create for them to do.

AuthorTodd Modgling