I'm watching kids go through school thinking about their future and wonder about the colleges they pick. When you look for a college what do you look for? The college that is right for you or right for your parents. Do you look for the University that wins the most awards in athletics or do you look for awards in academics. In Texas we have 5 to 10 major Universities and they all offer the best programs for them, but what do the kids look for? I see kids shooting for these big Universities thinking they are going to get a big football or baseball scholarship. It's really not going to happen...I mean you have to be really good these days to make it in those school. I'm not saying don't shoot for your dream but if it doesn't come true have a back up plan. I don't mean just give up completely...I mean have other colleges you are applying too. Look at the school for the networking possibilities and degree programs.

I am not complaining just to complain. I'm really just pointing out something that should be looked at in schools and when teaching children. Most kids these days don't think it's even an option to not go to college so give them the correct information.

Give things time and you will see what people can create for them to do.

AuthorTodd Modgling