What I think is most interesting is people are talking about the name more than what it can do. I'm sure no one liked the name iPod when it came out.

What I'm getting at is they picked a name out of a group of names and truly that one was the best. I'm entertained by what is to come with the iPad. I saw some one say something about it being great for home school students and really just students in general.

Wouldn't you rather pay $10 to $15 bucks for your college text book than $80? Then on top of that you get $5 when you turn it back in. Its lite enough to care around school and it will also type iWork documents. You could take notes in class on it while having research at the finger tips. I know people take laptops to class these days but I also hear about them getting taken or stolen. When you're done with class you may want to hang out with friends and not really worry about a laptop bag and your books. Now you have them all in one place and it's way smaller than a backpack and laptop bag.

Give things time and you will see what people can create for them to do.

AuthorTodd Modgling