The name is pretty good and will grow on people. The price that announced is pretty good for the base model. I do how ever have an issue with the difference between regular and 3G model. I think if we already have to pay for the service it should be built-in even if not used. The price jumped from great that sounds perfect to....O wait if I really want the cool stuff you have to pay a lot more. I will think about getting one of these but not sure if I would go for the 3G version. I am very interested in the iBook store and that will be the primary use of the iPad for me. I don't know if I will use iWork that much on it unless they allow you to save as a word document. I am writing this before I have watched the full video and should write more later.

Leave me a comment one what you think about the new iPad or my blog.

AuthorTodd Modgling