When I first heard about the Nexus One coming out I started jumping on every site I could find to read about it. I guess the idea of having something new and fresh was a really cool idea. I guess now I'm glad I didn't go full force into the phone. I am an iPhone use and have been since the first gen and I would never fully move away from it. I was just wanting something the now one else had. Now that its out and knowing that its on T-Mobile makes me question where Google's head is at. They are 3 or almost 4 in the over all cell companies in America so why would you put the phone on a network that can handle it. I'm a huge Google fan and know they are doing great things for technology but this was a bad move. I know you can get the phone unlocked but why would I want to pay $500 for a phone that can't run 3G. I mean come on guys; the world is almost to the 4G network and your going to build a phone on 2G. That just doesn't make any since to me or I don't think anyone. I know people will say that "it has wifi" and that's great if your in a hot spot but if your not I still want to burn threw the internet with out having to sit at Starbucks.

I really had great hope for this phone and the phone still has more to give if the price would come down. I mean having the option to use my Google Voice and better yet my Google Wave as VOIP and my mail client would be great. In the end I think this will be just another flash in the pan type Android phone that will be a free phone with inĀ  6 months.

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AuthorTodd Modgling