I'm a huge fan of Google Wave but here's the only problem with it...other people aren't and they are just giving up on it before they work with it. People keep telling me they will come back to it when Google works out all the problems but Google can't work out the problems without anyone testing it. I mean think threw this for a minute.

Beta testing means that the program needs work and who needs to do that work. Do you want them to pay people like Microsoft or Apple does to test it out? If they do this do you think the product will be free? People are bitching about something that is free and could change the way we look at email. If you work with it and let it crash a few times and email them or submit feed back it will get better faster.

Again I'm not trying to kill anyone but do you really want some random programmer working on it with out any feed back about what its really doing. The only way to clean things up are to take control yourself.

AuthorTodd Modgling