The news is breaking slowly but Leno is back in on The Tonight Show and Conan is out to dry. My feelings on this are really strong and I think NBC is really killing themselves. I also feel bad for the other late night guys because you have two titans going at it. What it means for them is one is going to come to their network. In order not to total kill late night for all networks Conan would need to go to Fox. I think Fox would be a great move for him since he basically started there. He was a writer on the Simpsons for years and then moved to SNL. I really believe the Fox family should do everything possible to get him over there. One thing for Fox to think about is move him back to NY. He was not himself in LA or under the Tonight Show legend.

I and many others will move all support to what ever station Conan moves too. The main thing that goes with late night is adds and adds make money. So NBC I hope you're ready to lose money.

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AuthorTodd Modgling